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Opportunity For Growth

About Opportunity for Growth (OFG)

Opportunity for Growth is a 13 session intensive certification program based on Interise’s StreetWise MBA curriculum that provides entrepreneurs with business knowledge, management know-how, and networks needed to grow their established small businesses.


Business owners graduate with a 3-year growth plan after investing over 100 hours working on their business, learning with peers, and accessing expert business coaching.

Using the nationally-acclaimed Interise Streetwise MBA

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   Classes Begin, February 9, 2023

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FEBRUARY 9,  2023
Classes Begin

MAY 25, 2023

Chef Elhadji Cisse

Cisse moved to NYC from Senegal at the age of 17. He didn't have money or job skills at the time, so he delivered food. But, this was short-lived. He was soon fired for not speaking “proper” English.


Despite restaurant industry challenges, Cisse saw chefs do well for themselves, cooking for others. Cisse decided he would do the same.


By 21 years old, Cisse became a head chef in Manhattan. Then, he decided to open restaurants with sights on a Harlem location.


For help, Cisse joined Opportunity for Growth and Growth Path. In these programs, he learned how to improve his cash flow, marketing, and employee relations.

Cisse now owns and operates Ponty Bistro, Renaissance Harlem and Harlem Cafe NYC.

Curriculum Components and Modules

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Business Strategy

Participants identify & set strategic business goals for the next three years. They also assess their leadership styles & collaborate in CEO Mentoring Groups.

Financial Analysis

Participants focus on key financial measures while gauging their business’ financial health to make effective financial decisions. 

Accessing Capital

Participants become familiar with the funding landscape. They get a chance to hear from experts from both public and private lending.


Participants will uncover their most profitable products and markets. They will also learn the importance of market segmentation and surveying customers.

Sales Strategy 

Participants study sales principles & review tools to track sales performance. Participants also learn about sales blocks and develop a plan for removing them.

Talent Acquisition

Participants will learn how to select and nurture key talent for business growth. The importance of culture in retaining talent is also explored.

Three-Year Strategic Growth Action Plan

During this final session, participants work on growth plans with the help of business advisors and peers. Participants also receive help with operations, positioning, and an exit strategy.


Participants learn about opportunities existing in government & anchor institutions. We also prepare participants for doing business with these entities.

Live Case Studies

Present yourself and your business to peers and field experts for peer-based learning. This is a business owner's opportunity to apply what they are learning in real time.

CEO Mentoring Groups

Beyond the classroom, participants engage in CEO Mentoring Groups  –groups consisting of entrepreneurial peers to discuss business challenges. Groups also provide mentorship and feedback.

Requirements for Admission

In business for at least 3 years
Annual revenues of
$100K to $10MM
Located in Upper Manhattan or the Bronx

Outstanding Program Results

More than 8,000 small businesses across the country have completed Interise’s StreetWise ‘MBA’™ curriculum since its launch over a decade ago.

Through the curriculum, small business owners gain the tools and accountability necessary to build their businesses, create jobs, and revitalize local economies. ​


Sourced from Interise’s 2020 Report, 15 Years of Service and Impact

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